Formation sur le système général harmonisé

Formation sur le système général harmonisé
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GHS stands for the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. GHS is a system that defines and classifies the hazards of chemical products, and communicates health and safety information on labels and safety data sheets). The goal is that the same set of rules for classifying hazards, and the same format and content for labels and safety data sheets (SDS) will be adopted and used around the world. An international team of hazard communication experts developed GHS.

Currently many different countries have different systems for classification and labelling of chemical products. In addition, several different systems can exist even within the same country. This situation has been expensive for governments to regulate and enforce, costly for companies who have to comply with many different systems, and confusing for workers who need to understand the hazards of a chemical in order to work safely. GHS promises to deliver several distinct benefits. Among them are:

  • Promoting regulatory efficiency.
  • Facilitating trade. Easing compliance.
  • Reducing costs.
  • Providing improved, consistent hazard information.
  • Encouraging the safe transport, handling and use of chemicals.
  • Promoting better emergency response to chemical incidents.
  • Reducing the need for animal testing.

The GHS system covers all hazardous chemicals and may be adopted to cover chemicals in the workplace, transport, consumer products, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. The target audiences for GHS include workers, transport workers, emergency responders and consumers.

Press Release — ICC Partners with CSSA to Offer GHS Training

ICC Compliance Center (ICC) is excited to announce its partnership with the Canadian Sanitary Supplies Association (CSSA). The partnership aligns CSSA members with ICC’s regulatory expertise and support.

ICC specializes in dangerous goods regulations solutions for companies involved in handling, offering for transport, or transporting dangerous goods, and workplace safety. This partnership enables CSSA members to take the GHS Supervisor/Manager course, GHS Classification course in-person at training centers across Canada, plus online GHS courses and other topics.