ISSA Canada - Environmental Stewardship Awards



ISSA Canada - Environmental Stewardship Awards

ISSA Canada  Present
2016 Environmental Stewardship Awards


Award Purpose

Is to honor and recognize the organizations committed to environmental management and dedication to the value of clean.

Who Can Be Nominated

Six (6) awards will be presented, one (1) in each Province in Canada where a nomination has been submitted correctly by a ISSA Canada member company. One (1) National Award will be also be presented by ISSA Canada. Awards will be chosen by December of each year and will be presented to the winner at an arranged Chapter function.

Buildings service contractors, In-house service providers, Schools, Hospitals, Long term care facilities, Property managers, Building Owners, Food Service, Manufacturers, Distributors, Hospitality, Cities and Municipalities.

Winners of the awards will receive a certificated and National recognition by way of the new ISSA Canada commemorative directory which is located on the website. Featured articles in industry trade journals ( where possible) will highlight the recipients.

  1. Organizations who best educated, teach, train and implement " environmental awareness" to their staff.
  2. Dedication to the overall cleanliness and health of a facility.
  3. Use of approved environmental products and chemicals (Eco Logo or Green Seal certified).
  4. Organization who perform cleaning procedures with a higher degree of safety.
  5. Organizations who have best reduced their carbon footprint.
  6. Organizations who educate their staff on the newest technologies, products, equipment and services in the cleaning industry today.
Repeat Nominations

Nominations not chosen may be submitted the following year.

Nomination Application Requirements

(a) Nomination Form : ISSA Canada will provide nomination forms by way of the website Forms must be submitted to the ISSA Canada Office by way of email no later than November 1 of each year. Only a ISSA Canada  member can present a nomination.

(b) Nominees Resume: Nominator to write a small biography on the nominees.

(c) Award Criteria Nominator: Nominator to provide no more that a two (2) page testimonial giving examples of how the organization meets at least 4 of the 6 criteria.

(d) Award Selection: ISSA Canada Housekeeper Awards winners will be selected by the Canadian Sanitation Supply Association head office.


Additional Information

The nominations and supporting materials constitute the SOLE basis for the nomination. Submitted nominations will not be returned. Send nominations by e-mail to the attention of before November 1st.


ISSA Canada Environmental Stewardship
Awards Nomination Form

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Nomination Form


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