2015 CSSA Awards

Press Release

May 17, 2016
Toronto, Ontario - The Canadian Sanitation Supply Association, (CSSA) today announced the recognition of three industry personal for their dedication and contributions to the association and industry..

Marcus Costandi
of Avmor Ltd., a Canadian Company with their head office located in Laval, Quebec and branches across Canada will be honored with the CSSA 2015 Builder Award.

Costandi has been involved with the jan-san industry since 1991. Over the past 16 years he has served the association in various committee roles such as membership chairman, environmental day organizer, trade show chairman for Clean Atlantic and has orchestrated  numerous association functions and educational seminars for members in Atlantic Canada. He has been chapter chair in 2008-2009 and 2012-2013 and became the 3rd President in the history of CSSA from Atlantic Canada in 2015.

"Costandi has been a great contributor and champion for CSSA and has helped to make the Atlantic Chapter one of the most dynamic in the Country" says Mike Nosko, CSSA Executive Director. " We thank him and appreciate what he has done. I would be remiss if we did not also thank the Avmor Company for having the foresight to encourage their employees to give something back to the industry that they are involved in".

Richard Bolduc
formerly with Perks Publications Inc., Whitby, Ontario with branches in Val Morin, Quebec will also be honored with the CSSA 2015 Builder Award.

Bolduc has sat on the Quebec chapter board since 1999 where he helped  organize numerous events including golf tournaments, chapter meetings,  Ecosalubrite Show Committees  and various social networking events. In September of 2016 Richard will sit on the trade show committee for the re-introduction of Ecosalubrite a trade show presented by the Quebec chapter of CSSA for the building maintenance and sanitation industry in Quebec.

He was instrumental  in the launching of the CSSA magazine, Le Nettoyage Professionnel in the province of Quebec in 1998 to 2015 and also served as Sales Manager for Sanitation Canada in Quebec, an industry trade publication also serving the Jan-San industry in  Canada.

" Richard has been a great help to the association and the industry in Quebec. I am truly grateful to him for his years of service and his friendship" says Mike Nosko, CSSA Executive Director.

Nina Belanger
of Distribution Inter Point Inc., Blainville, Quebec will be honored with the CSSA 2015 Member of the Year Award.

Nina has served as the Quebec chapter chair and has been instrumental in building a strong chapter board. She has been involved in producing several successful chapter events including a golf tournament. Nina and her board have been very active in re-introducing Ecosalubrite 2016 at the Place Forzani in Laval, Quebec , September 27. She along with her board have also worked hard to establish various alliances with FIRAS, Coeff Science and AHSS to help attract more end-users to the show.

" Nina continues to be a spark plug  with her board and we are thankful for the dedication and energy she brings to the table" says Mike Nosko, Executive Director.